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for frequent car renters.


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*Note: Download the renewed app for individual membership now. Hourly rates of vehicles may vary in membership packages. Premium members, for example, rent more discounted vehicles than Basic members.


6 Golden Rules

After becoming a member:

Damage Detection

Don't forget to take your stuff with you and throw out your trash when you leave your car for the next Zipster.

Timely Delivery

Bring your car at the time you promised. Don't forget to extend the booking period if you're going to be late, otherwise you may have to pay a penalty.


Leave your tank at least a quarter full. You can fill the tank free of charge with Otobil by going to the nearest Opet.


Don't forget to take your personal belongings with you and throw out your trash when you leave your car for the next Zipster.

No Smoke

Please empathize and do not smoke in vehicles in any way. Think about the other Zipsters.


If your sweet pet will accompany you in the car, please make sure it stays in the bag.

Download The Renewed Zipcar Turkey App

After downloading the Zipcar Turkey app;

  • You can see available vehicles on the map
  • You can open/lock the car door
  • You can honk the horn to determine the location of the car
  • You can view Past/future reservations
  • You can make reservation vehicles 24/7
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Questions and Answers

We've sorted out any questions you might think of and tried to answer them. For other questions, please contact us.

Participation in Zipcar Turkey

To become a Zipcar Turkey member, you must be at least 21 years old, have a minimum 1-year driver's license, and have a credit card in your name. For students minimum age for becoming a Zipcar Turkey member is 20.

Via the Zipcar Turkey mobile app, you can sign up in just a few minutes and make reservations right away.

When signing up, you automatically start with the standard plan with free membership. You can change your plan from the ‘My Accounts’ -> ‘Plan’ menu from the mobile app to take advantage of the price benefits. An annual subscription fee is applied in optional plans, the hourly and daily prices of the vehicles are more advantaged than the standard plan.

If there is a membership/application fee in the payment plan you chose after becoming a member, your membership/application fee cannot be refunded when you change the plan after making a reservation in that plan.

During the first reservation, an SMS will be sent to you so that we can obtain your credit risk rating. Shortly after you reply to this message by typing "APPROVAL" space "Year of birth", your credit assurance rating will be evaluated. If your rating is positive according to the risk assessment, you can continue your reservation and start using the vehicle immediately. Risk grade inquiry is concluded within a minimum of 3 minutes - a maximum of 24 hours, depending on the return from the Credit Card Association. You will be notified of the risk grade evaluation result from within the application.

To protect both you and Zipcar Turkey, we conduct a credit assurance rating inquiry. There may be reasons such as insufficient credit assurance rating, credit card limit, new credit card, unpaid balance as a result of a service you receive from our group companies such as Avis/Budget. Don't worry if your credit assurance rating goes negative! We can repeat this interrogation at 3-month intervals. We will send inquiry SMS automatically again after 3 months.

No. Unfortunately, it is not possible for the car to be used by someone else other than the reservation member. You become responsible for all reservation fees and any possible malfunction and damage costs. In such a case, your membership will be closed.

If you need additional driver, you can proceed by creating a family account.

Family Account

You can create a family account by including family members or friends in your account as many people as you want. Click on the family account from the change account window, which comes with a long press of the profile icon (icon will be added) on the Home screen. All fees are deducted from your credit card. But anyone who wants to Zip should make reservation in their name. Our members with a family account can use the car together if they are in the car at the same time.

Corporate membership

Yes. Here's the Zip; your company car is always ready on Zipcar Turkey for your hourly or daily sudden or scheduled business trips, meetings. Zipcar Turkey, which saves money and money to companies only with the pay as you use model, provides 24/7 hourly or daily car reservations to corporate members with its various tools. Click to apply for corporate membership.

You can add yourself as a driver from the mobile application to the account of the company you work for. Click on the corporate account in the change account window, which comes with a long press on the profile icon (icon will be added) on the Home screen, type the Company Email Address; send a request.
If you are already a member of Zipcar Turkey, you can start driving directly with the approval of the company official. If you are not a member, come up to step 2 in the create account menu (enter contact information and driver information), confirm the membership agreement and wait for the approval of the company official. If you have your own company, click the create new company account link from the same menu to create an account.

Booking for Zipcar Turkey

You can make reservations through the Zipcar Turkey mobile app. You can also call 0850 250 0 947 and make a reservation through a consultant, but in this case, you will have to pay a Reservation Service Fee of 10 TL. We recommend the free and faster option!

You can make a reservation at least 1 hour at a time and 7 days at the longest. After making a reservation, you can make an extension at half-hour intervals. For requests over 7 days, you can contact us via 0850 250 0 947.

At the moment, we can't provide one-way service. You have to leave the vehicle where you bought it. But we would like to give the good news that we have a study for one-way use, and you can also use Zipcar Turkey vehicles one-way in a short time!

On hourly reservations, you don't pay fuel charges for 20 km per reservation. For daily (24-hour) reservations, you have the right to use 20 km of free fuel for each day.

Within 30 minutes of making your reservation, you can cancel and shorten the time as you wish. If you have passed the 30-minute period, you have two conditions for cancellation;
If the total duration of your reservation is less than 9 hours, you can cancel or shorten it at no charge until 3 hours before the start time of the reservation.
If the total duration of your reservation is longer than 9 hours, you can cancel or shorten it at no charge until 24 hours before the start time of the reservation.
For cancellations that you make outside of these terms, you will need to pay a change fee.

Zipcar Turkey Vehicles

To hang out with your friends, to visit your clients, for invitations and special occasions… There are many models to suit different expectations and needs. But we apply age limits on some of our vehicles. When you want to make a reservation, you will be able to see vehicles suitable for your age limit.

Some vehicles are automatic and some are manual. If you want, you can filter according to vehicle specifications by pressing the search button.


Keep your phone's bluetooth on! Press the unlock button on the driving screen when you approach the car at the start of the reservation; the doors will open automatically after checking for external damage. You can exercise car remote controls (car horn, locking, unlocking) from the driving menu throughout the entire rental period. During the rental, you can open and lock the doors of the vehicle either via the mobile application or with the vehicle key. In order for the vehicle to work, the bluetooth feature of the phone must be always on and the phone must have a sufficient charge. If the vehicle can not connect with your phone, unfortunately it is not possible to start the vehicle!
Make sure that the mobile phone charge will be sufficient for the duration of the reservation!

The key must be in the vehicle's glove compartment. You can use the key to lock and unlock the doors during the reservation time. Make sure you leave the key in the glove compartment at the end of the reservation! At the end of the reservation, don't forget to lock the car from the mobile app and end your reservation!
Reservation termination under "driving menu"…

You can open the car doors up to a maximum of 10 minutes before the reservation start time. When you check in up to 10 minutes early, you won't pay any additional fees.

Before you start using it, it is extremely important that you go around the car and check for dents, scratches or other damage and report them via the mobile app before you start reservation! In the mobile app, you can see damage reported to Zipcar Turkey before you, and save time by simply photographing new damage. We don't want you to be held responsible for any damage you didn't do. So please don't forget to check the car at the beginning of the reservation.

Due to our business model based on hourly sharing system, it is unfortunately not possible to clean the vehicles after each reservation. However, we regularly and frequently wash and disinfect our vehicles. If you encounter a dirty vehicle and notify us by calling (0 850 250 0 947), we can move your reservation to another vehicle in the most appropriate location. If you want to have the vehicle washed, we can refund the washing fee up to a maximum of 35 TL. We can create a solution together, just contact us at the beginning of the reservation!


If another member has no reservation, you can extend their reservation. If the vehicle is not available, you will encounter an error in the application.In this case, if you contact us we will try to make an organization for an extension. However, we ask you to plan the booking end time with all the possibilities and stick to that plan. We don't want any of our members to be victims of late returns.

All Zipcar Turkey vehicles have HGS. You can make your transition smoothly. It can take 1-4 weeks for HGS and other road charges to be billed to you.

Yes, we are ready to support you 24/7 in case of any malfunction/accident that may occur during your use. We hope you don't need it...

Yes, but only in a pet carrying bag! Many members are allergic to animal hair. If the car has animal hair, you must clean the car before the reservation ends. Guide animals used by disabled members and passengers are outside this rule. These animals can enter the vehicle without a pet carrying bag. If you want to bring a guide animal to a vehicle, please let us know by calling 0850 250 0 947 so that we can clean the vehicle before the next member uses it.

No, smoking damages the vehicle and can affect the health of other members. We bill the cleaning fee to our member who is identified as smoking in the vehicle, which will make the vehicle completely odorless. In addition, we may decide to close your account for use. By the way, keeping smoking outside the car while driving is also considered smoking inside the car.

If you leave something in the vehicle, you can contact us to open the car doors remotely. If you go near the car at a time when the car is in place, we can open the doors. If you find anything in the car, we ask you to leave it in the glove compartment or in the trunk. We will try to find the owner of the item by meeting with the members before you.

Traffic fines and all other fines issued and communicated to Zipcar Turkey while in your use are paid by Zipcar Turkey, whatever amount paid is billed to you. In relation to this transaction, we receive an additional service fee of 30 TL

First take a deep breath, make sure that you are in good health, if you need an ambulance, we can support sending an ambulance to your location when it reaches us. If everything is fine, follow these steps:

If the accident is one-sided;
- Meet with the police and get a police report
- Click the help button on the driving menu; share your car damage photos and police report with us by uploading them to the mobile application
- 0850 250 0 947 inform us by calling the numbered Zipline line

If the accident is double-sided;
- Fill out the accident report with the opposite side (you can find it in the torpedo)
- Click the help button on the driving menu; take accident report driver’s license, insurance policy and license photos of the other party as well as damage photos of the car and share them with us via the application
- 0850 250 0 947 inform us by calling the numbered Zipline line

*In both cases, we want you to send us the original report by cargo.

Getting fuel for your Zipcar

You don't pay for fuel on Zipcar Turkey! Fuel is taken from Opet stations without charge. It is enough to go to all Opets and fil lup the tank by saying Otobil. In Opets, you can fill the fuel tank without getting out of the car and continue on your way quickly!

You have the right to use 20 km of free fuel for every reservation. In cases where you exceed 20 km, the additional number of km you have made at the end of the reservation is calculated and billed. Vehicles may have different km fees. You can see how much km fees are in the vehicle information when reservation.

All opet stations know Zipcar Turkey vehicles, but if you still encounter a technical error, just call 0850 250 0 947. We will help you!

Bringing back your Zipcar

You have to put the car where you got it. There may be more than one parking space at your location, you can leave it at anyone.

If different vehicles are parked in the Zipcar Turkey area, just park in a different area on the same floor and give us information. If you need help, you can contact us via 0850 250 0 947

At the end of the reservation, leave your car where you got it; don't forget to take all your belongings from the car, dispose of the trash, and make sure that there is at least a quarter tank of fuel in the car for the next member and leave the key in the car glove compartment. Lock doors from the lock button on the driving screen and end reservation by pressing the end reservation link.

If you return the car late, you must pay a fine of 100 TL for each hour. Returning a car on time is really important in the world of car sharing. If someone returns the vehicle late, the next member will not be able to start their reservation on time. We are sure that you do not want to start your reservation late because another member is running late…

All our members have the responsibility to deliver the vehicle cleanly and with at least a quarter tank of fuel for the next member. If these rules are not followed, we may impose penalty fees or close your account.

Insurance and damage

Zipcar Turkey vehicles are insured. In case of any damage or accident, all costs up to 2,000 TL are reflected to the members. If there is a damage fee above 2,000 TL, the maximum amount paid by our members will be 2,000 TL. Our members are not responsible for the remainder of the cost of damage. In addition, you can buy additional damage assurance (HGB) if you want to be exempt from liability for 2,000 TL.
In the meantime, in order for all insurance processes to be valid, it is essential that the time of the accident and all documents are complete.

By purchasing additional damage assurance, you can reduce the 2,000 TL amount you are responsible for to zero. You must be at least 21 years old to be able to purchase additional assurance. In addition, you must have added additional security to your account prior to reservation. An additional guarantee that you receive from the moment the reservation begins does not cover your current reservation, but applies to subsequent ones.

Zipcar Turkey membership and billing

If there is an annual membership fee in the usage plan, the fee will be automatically billed each year on the anniversary of the membership date. (If you change the usage plan after you become a member, the renewal date will be the date that this change was made.)

Car rental fee is charged on your credit card at the time of reservation. If the credit card does not have enough limits, the system will not allow you to create a reservation. Km fee will be calculated and reflected in your account a few hours after the end of the reservation. Other fees, such as HGs and traffic fines, can take 1-4 weeks to reflect on your account.

If there is a usage credit added to your account for any campaign or promotion, all you have to do is make a reservation! As soon as you create your reservation, your usage credit will first be withdrawn as a reservation fee and then the remaining amount will be withdrawn from the credit card.Don't forget to use the usage credits within the term!

No one likes to talk about fees and fines, but they are a "must "for all this car sharing to be smooth. We hope that you will never have to pay for such things...

- Late Refund Fee: 100 TL is charged for the first hour of delay and 200 TL is charged for each hour of delay, but the maximum amount charged will be limited to 500 TL. An hourly fee is also charged for each late hour.
- Fuel Charge Less Than A Quarter Of A Tank:  If you return the vehicle with less than a quarter of the fuel, you must pay a fine of 200 TL
- Reservation Changes:  If you cancel or shorten your reservation within the specified cancellation terms, you will not pay any fees. However, if you make a cancellation/reduction outside the specified period, you must pay change fees.
- Personal Reservation Consulting:  Booking, extension, vehicle and location availability inquiry, etc. for transactions, you must pay 10 TL for each conversation you make with Zipline
- Penalties/Violation Fee:  You are responsible for paying parking fines and driving violations that occur during booking. If we receive a notification and encounter a violation, a transaction fee of us 30 TL will be billed.
- Damage Fee:  Members are responsible for all costs related to the accident up to 2,000 TL. Members over the age of 21 can purchase a guarantee to reduce or eliminate the damage fee.
- Other Violations:  In addition to 200 TL for each violation, costs that Zipcar Turkey must have to visit any vehicle (including smoking or pet visits in vehicles)

If you want to cancel your Zipcar Turkey membership, just call us via 0850 250 0 947.


You can always reach us

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0850 250 0 947



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